Movie Night!

Hello, we are students from ISLK and for our Community and Service project we have been planning a movie night.

This idea started when Local Hero which is a local organization that helps people organise different events. They came to our school and told us about many other students who have tried it and really enjoyed it as well, which was what encouraged us to organise our own event. The class was divided into two groups and our group was supposed to organise a Movie Night.

For the first meeting Local Hero came to our school in order to get to know our ideas. We played a lot of fun games and also learned a lot about drugs and alcohol and quite a bit was actually very new to most of us. We also had a discussion about our aims for the event. There were a boatload of post-it notes used that day for brainstorming. At the end of the day they brought both of the groups together and we did a little reflection for the day plus they also gave us special candy which is exclusive for people working with Local Hero. I really enjoyed working with them as they are very cooperative and informative.

We spend a lot of time trying to reflect on how we could organise the event efficiently, we also chose the date. So, we came up with a date that worked for all of us the 30th May. The movie night will be for classes PYP 5 to MYP 4. It will start at 04:30 and end at 07:30, although the dates might change if there are any difficulties with the current time. Snacks will be offered by us although there will be a separate bake sle where they can buy baked goodies.

Well, thats it from me but you will be reading more from other students.


By: Maliha I



Hello again. This following text will be a reflection on the second day with local hero and and a update on the project this week.

The second day that we spent with some Local Hero workshop leaders was focused on some interesting discussions and information about drugs and alcohol. Then we went straight into planning our event. As a group, we decided that we wanted to host a free movie night for the youths in our school community as a part of our Community and Service project of MYP 5 which is a part of the curriculum.


We worked well together and organised on the whiteboard assigned roles and responsibilities everyone had in the group in order to make this event suceeed. We discussed things like how much money we would need, what target groups we wanted our event to focus on and what future problems we might have that we had to anticipate. We also created a list of priorities, i.e. a list of the things that had to be done urgently and etc. The Local Hero leaders were kind and helpful in their actions to contribute to our organisation of this event, it was great to work with them.


This week, week 21, we put up posters around the school with the information about the movie night to inform the students of our upcoming event. Hopefully we will have some people turning up. As for finance, we should have an account set up atleast by the end of this week according to Haris who has spoken to our community and service leader. Then next week, the event week, we will buy what we need like snacks and candy for example and prepare for the movie night. We also hope that there could be a small meeting with Local Hero before the event to do final organisation of the event as we feel we could need that assistance.

Overall everything is going well and the event day is soon here!

Entry by: Christos K


Movies recieved after second meeting and what we have been up to after the second meeting.

The event will be held at ISLK in the classrooms. Now, coming to what Maliha has been focusing on, we will be showing four movies. We actually had no idea that one needed a license to show a film publicly but they told us that it was necessary. Malihas job was actually to contact Swedish Film Industry and get a license to show the movies publicly. The four movies that will be shown are:-

 Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 2

Pirates of the Caribbean 2



That is what we have been doing up until now.

We are hoping to see many students there!

Entry by: Niclas H


Economical update since meeting 2

After the second meeting, we have also sent in an application form to recieve money from Local Hero to fund our event. It should pay for the movie license Maliha had fixed and eventual snacks that would be given for free at the Movie Night. Hopefully soon we will get a reply from the school and Local Hero about the money. This is what has happened so far.


Entry by: Frederik RB


Problems and Solving Them

Like we mentioned a few days ago, there was a problem for getting a location for the Movie Night. I asked around in school and we recieved permission from the school to host it there. There are also projectors in each room allowing us to show the 4 movies at the same time with good cinematic effects. We are positive towards the event as things are running along smoothly and it looks like it will be a good event.

Entry by: Haris C



This week we have put up posters. Anna, Mirthe, Agnes and Maliha have been working well to advertise around for the event. Posters were set up around ISLK and Svane. Information was given to PYP classes and all information was given to all students around the school. We are looking forward to the event which will take place in 1 and half weeks. We are currently organising jobs each person has to carry out to make sure we are well organised.

Entry by: Tim B


Economical Problem

5 days until the event and there has been economical issues is concerning the costs of the movies and refreshments. Local Hero has been unable to fund us money in time or potentially we wont get it in time. This restricts our event a lot since we were planning to have snacks which would be served to the children. more importantly, we have not payed for the movies that we had license for and money is needed to pay back to the film industry. However, the school has been willing to help out with the costs of the films which is good.

Hopefully we will have everything we need and host an enjoyable night!

Entry by: Mark P


Anna, Mirthe and Agnes will update soon with results of the event, reflecting on the event and evaluating our work and the general work we have carried out!

Entry by: Christos K


The Event

The event ended up quite alright, considering we got to know last minute that we didn't get  funded for the snacks and drinks included in the event. The whole group was there to help set up the different rooms for wathcing a movie. We showed the movies: Up, Pirates of the Caribbean 2, and Harry Potter 6 part 2. We didn't show Avatar since nobody seemed to show any intrest in watching that movie. There were a couple of people that came, but far from enough, so we invisted the fritids over for a movie and they gladly accepted the invitation. We managed to get some juice for the children, and they seemed to be enjoying the evening quite a lot. There were at least 2 people in each room to supervise the children. 

Entry by: Mirthe D


Reflecting on The Event

Considering that we did not have another meeting with Local Hero as we had planned and that we did not receive the money for buying snacks I think that we did a good job. We have had a lot of problems to plan this with the school and a lot of discussions about the money, etc. However I think we have all worked together and everybody has done something to help out. In the end we ran very short on time and had to take away things that we had planned for example the bake sale and the free snacks we were going to have. Even if we were very stressed and were still planning things the day of the movie night I think we sorted it out fine and we could carry out the event. It would have been much better if we had snacks because people came there and were expecting free food however without the money it was not possible.

Entry by: Agnes Hylta



There were a few problems that we could have improved on. I will focus on the three major ones:

-No free food

-Lighting while watching the movies

-Further advertisement

First of all, there was no free food for us to give, this was because we didn't recieve money in time and everything money-wise got messed up (the school is helping us with the price for showing the movie though, which is good). We should have thought about the money much earlier, and got it much earlier (so we could have bought snacks in good time). The worst part of this was that the children who came asked if there was any free food (most of them had brought money, even), it was pretty uncomfortable having to tell them there was no free food, or food to pay for.

I was in room 23 (where pirates of the caribbean 2 was shown), and we had quite big problems to do with the lighting. After the movie night, the people that were in the other rooms told me the lighting was good (just that the harry potter movie was a bit too dark itself, but the lighting was ok). During the movie, a "patch" of light slowly moved towards the smart board. When we were halfways, the patch was basically destroying the view. We moved a sofa in front of the computer to watch the rest of the movie there instead, but, eventually, the light came there as well (luckily that happened close to the end, so nobody took notice of it). The patch came from the windows. They were covered, except for the top part which was shaped like a semi-circle. As the sun went down, the light moved closer to the screen. We could have fixed this by having another room for that movie (where the windows could be covered completely).

Our posters were good, but there were only a few people that came that actually knew about the movie night (there was a boy that came into 23 and I asked if he was here for the movie; he didn't know about anything but asked if it was free (which it was) and joined the movie watching for a while). We had thought of and advertising idea (going into class rooms and talking about the mocie night) that would bring in more people, but there was no good chances of going. We could have fixed this by thinking of the idea much earlier, when there were more chances.

There were problems, but the people that came still enjoyed it!

Entry by: Anna BT


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Stina Hähnert

Hello Maliha and everyone else in your group!
Sounds great!! Good work! Glad to hear that the work is going well!
Sounds like it will be a fun evening! Great that you write in this blog and keep us update on how work is progressing! Hope you (and Mathias) can find a date for a final workshop with the process leaders soon!So you can set the final details of the planning.
Please contact me anytime if we can help you with anything!

Best regards,

2012-05-23 08:50

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